Saturday, March 07, 2009

Tyr on the Fight You Have Within You

"The fight you have within you is very precious. Do not squander it. Do not let it be wasted upon the worthless, nor upon those who would exploit it for cynical, ill ends. The heroism within you is your most beautiful asset : beautiful, magical, and virginal. Keep it chaste. Do not think that because there is a lot of fight in you now that the supply is infinite. Mind your stores, and do not squander. Your power to fight is a privileged opportunity to make a difference, to put your muscle and your endurance and, yes, even your suffering to good use in the world.

"A long time ago, crafty and corrupt men realized what a force a body of defenders eager and heartful to protect their homeland and family are, and how they might be used to aggressive ends by those who could exploit their heroism. Do not allow your virgin to be seduced."

--- "Channeled" (through my odr) speech of Tyr to new recruits


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