Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No One Right Way of Seeing the World

Every species has a different kind of eye ; every tribe has a different kind of eye ; every person has a different kind of eye. There are as many ways of seeing the world as there are eyes. There is no one right way of seeing things. There are many right ways of seeing things, even though there are some distorted ways of seeing things as well. What matters is that your actions do good in this world. What matters is that you take your talents, develop them into fruition as gifts, freely given, make your way in the world as honestly as you can, and act with all of the love and integrity that is in your heart. Those who argue creed over deed and fight over creeds have lost the essence of the good life. Those who argue apples and oranges as if they were the same fruit, or, treat them as opposed simply because they are different, despite the fact that they both have seeds, both are sweet, both come from trees --- these people weave thorned knots and illusions. Those who would sacrifice good fellowship for illusions are truly delusional. You cannot make another person see as you see. You can only share the vision that you have, freely and without coercion. Do not seek to control the minds of others. Seek rather to cling to those principles which have perennially brought life, and know that those principles will be expressed in a myriad of different forms, each according to their heart and soul and mind. I have seen many swallowed up in the thorny vines that Utgard-Loki weaves.


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