Saturday, August 22, 2009

To Fly Like Geese Through The Night

To fly like geese through the night --- that was our religion! Etherial spirits sent forth through and through the all and each of every nation round the world, and we rode with love's mistress of writhing magic, the swan-maiden's cat-drawn Lady of Love riding song through the long night to love all creatures and know their souls, rewriting the fallen scripts to dreams encrypted in magic code of cells alive and raptured. This was our religion! No field nor fruit untouched or blessed, our blessed imaginations touched all beings in unseparated ecstasy! And loosed from the bonds of being into becoming, no nation held us back from our wanderings, and we kissed across cultures, though grounded warmly and snugly in our own. Here are no barriers, for we fly, and knit secret threads of peace tangled thick in hidden seeds that planted sprout upon surprise and mystery. This was our religion, and sometimes we met to feast, but mainly we flew, and knew our fellows through the flying.

This is not Unsubstantiated Personal Gnosis. The Canon Episcopi in its myriad recensions attests to this lasting worship-form amongst the peoples of Europe.


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