Sunday, September 27, 2009

Break the Bones of the Behemoths!

Break the bones of the walled halls high on the gated hill, scouring the crops of the once-bountiful boonlands of my home and heartfelt motherfields! Castles of crass account invade and violate the virile womb-furrows of the fertile, blessed Earth. The crushed-rock rioting chaos-mountains breed, bringing barrenness in the hollow bone-tombs built for empty glory of gold-greed's might, swathes' swallowers who switch allegiance of land for love of money. Wrongs erected rapine on the free and fresh-herbed land, thrown down upon the thrashed and packed earth so thralls might thirty-years toil for the feigned prestige of the gilded giants' caverns now gobbling up my homeland's hallows. Break the bones of behemoths who stalk and haunt the honeyed mellifluent milk-flowing rivers of my land's lust-boons! Mill the monsters' blind might towered into small grains of power for each man's making of the good life, here and hereafter, hallowing the holy bounty of blessed breastful earth wide and wondrous!


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