Saturday, October 31, 2009

O Skadi

From her hand hath might the mountains made
on high hills, in caverns' cold forges formed
her fierce and ice-strong heart from hailstorms.
She is the blizzard's daughter, she the elf-kin's amazon,
She the shield-maiden who shakes the fiercest foes!
Yet grace and vigour blend in thighs
whose foot-blades slice the snow,
and sleek, strong, an icy tower to be reckoned,
she glees in skis and chases game.
Huntress, haughty, wild ice-queen
boon for elves and men we seek!
For wealth of the icy fortress is thine,
from whence the rimy monsters push
back across the Elivagar, where they stay
from thy strong hand.
Olga of Elflands,
broad, big, built and woman-girth,
give guidance to the frail : meat, and fatten them
to brave the long winters.
Cowed the husbands
whom thee the wives invoke against,
for Mountain, and Snow, and Hail be thine
against usurpers of the rights
of womenfolk and maidens all.
Hard the hunting, he who crosses thee :
bears and boars be bold against
the one who insults thee, O Skadi,
or any woman that you love,
or man even you care for.
You are the rimefrost's valkyrie,
dyke of drifts,
the butch who never blusters tears.
Speak whole, O maiden, strengths and gifts
for those who dare the cold!
We ask, and praythee.


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