Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ah, by the shorelines!

Ah, by the shorelines!
The sounds of surf crashing
on the soft sands,
three Gods walked along contemplatively.
Taciturn, with eager footfall.
Thereupon their thoughts wandered
sinuous into the thicket
that by the water's edge proud stood.
There, two great, grasping forms,
branch-limbs tortuous in up-reaching
gasplessness, held in vain leaf-hands the sky.
All-Father's hand cupped his whiskered chin
as he paused, poised in thoughtful pose
before these trees who seemed
Godlings frozen in bark. From there,
great magicks, slow swirling wizardries
across epic eons breathed fast in a God's moment,
strong ash and elm boughs swayed
as vegetative strength gave way to animal delight
in motion, movement, slowly self-willed,
as fire awakened saps cooked ripe
to hot-flashing bloodrush. Then, as if swimming
through thick, viscous fluid, as babes
in the womb, they limb-swayed in slow
explorative dance, this wonder awaken
as will grew stronger than bark. Gods' delight!
Long rings of time's growth xylem morphed
into flesh up-percolating new thought and awe.
Poems from the deep! these first thoughts.
Hymns upswirling in bold, new colors
no tree in all its wisdom knew. As if
All-Father kissed, close his lips
to brush new flesh, he blew --
and blowing, blew sky's air,
aether of the deep stars' lair,
wind of cosmic mind writ large,
wafted gust into strong, nascent lungs
who breathed in the lust of wonder.
For from this lust, all learnings
would shoot, skybound, back
to the air from which the breath
had come, reverence and worship.
Nimbly, sky's coat-tails grasping,
he undonned his blue cloak of sky
and clothed their nakedness
in humble celestial grandeur.
They were proud. Gods smiled,
fervent. Then departed, vapour
in the hot air on the beach summer
shimmer. They knew skull's fruit
slowly ripened in the now-open
plains of fate. Time would tell
mysteries : mysteries of men!


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