Thursday, March 25, 2010

Through Pores and Sinews

Sit out by night within the tall grass and listen to it grow. There is a fire within all things and you may warm yourself before it. Sit with your back upright and behold in silence. Bathe in life-force (hael) and feel the good of the creatures about you. Watch diligently and ward off any evil powers.

We were taught these truths by our First Teacher. Observe the heavens, watch the stars. Imbibe wisdom, craft gnomic proverbs that hold good sense in their pithy riddles, and share them with each other. Ride into the forests and lie still with the birds.

Within all things is a spirit pledged to the All-Mother. Your community is wider than you think. Veiztu, ef þú vin átt, þann er þú vel trúir, ok vilt þú af hánum gótt geta, geði skaltu við þann blanda ok gjöfum skipta, fara at finna oft, Havamal 44. "Know thou, if thou hast a friend, whom thou trusteth well, and thou wishest to get good from him, thou shalt blend minds with him and exchange gifts, fare to meet often." Sifjum er þá blandat,hver er segja ræðr einum allan hug, Havamal 124. "There is a blending of affinity, where one can speak all the rede of one's heart." Blend your mind with those spirits who surround you, the náttúra, and wisdom shall seep up through your pores and sinews.


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