Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Call Out The Deeds of the Ancestors!

Call out the deeds of the ancestors! The careless ones whose misdeeds laid the foundations for the unworld in which we live! Call out the deeds of the ancestors! Summon up the mistakes and name them so we may not swim snared in their unconscious legacies! Call up sins, call up debts, call up crimes and unpaid wergilds! Call up unheeded potentials, neglected possibilities for improvement, stubborn resistance to the flow of good! All of these found amongst our all-too-human predecessors, full of flaws as well as grit!

Yet more, call up, history, and full and true accounting! For much ill is the outcome of evil men with power, misusing position, misdirecting resource, tangled in greed and conquest. Let Saga say the great resistance unspoken to these misdeeds! Let Saga recall great masses who challenged such ill, whether written or not, whether in small ways or large.

For most who came before were good folk. Enough were misguided or ill to allow that ill that has come into the world to emerge. But most were good folk for all their flaws, and wish most greatly for their offspring, us, to pay their debts down with healing deeds, repairing deeds, improving deeds, deeds of justice.

There are great tasks ahead. Much has gone wrong but much may be improved. Passivity itself in the face of ill is ill, so summon up strength and catalyze your dormant wyrd into active expression!

For all the good folk gone are still with us if we hear them. Call upon them! Healers of long ago speak secrets, and makers of mistakes whisper warnings. There is benevolence in both.


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