Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Come Back Into Eternity

Come back into eternity! Come back into eternity, Sol morning-high shine bright flare upon the dew-dripped grass claims. Long have you daze walked in mazes made by men in time. Return! Return, O walkers on the Serengeti! Return, o wanderers upon the farthest plains of Jord! Each morning glory blaze ride rise into the sky showers blessings! Taste light and liquid sun upon your lips and dowse your eyelids bright with bathe! Ever eternity rises cyclic beneath your feet and rises high above your thick-locked hair. Step outside that shell of shaped ore and smelted slag. Your kindred are ancient-days beings, not shame and shame and shame portrayed, delayed, in-laid. O lay aside your lingering doubts bred in boxes stacked on stone. Dross I burn! Husk I burn! Slag and soot I melt away! But corn, I gold-amber dew drip light from dawn fires lit in yesteryears' morn and carried off manes of trusty gold-white steeds! Racemes you have, stalks with seedheads awaiting cook. Cook and slow I bring, bake and golden, gentle, bright. Your cake of corn and sweet-dripped bees' sap cooks, and ready for the feast. I bake! Ready all for feast and flicker limb upon the threshing floor, fiddles and pipes and harp and bodhran! Step out of that shell that said its hell was all the self you had, poor husk! You are each day's refreshment trapped in tar. Wash clean! Wash clean! I've brewed nectar from orange blossoms, pollen's hivestack, gold's pure gleam : deep for you to drink each day. O golden child, dance on the green! I would wash away your nightmare, wake your weeping eyes to day's mirth-blaze. O breathless boy long cavern-hiding, birth from earth, come solar stroll. Your days roll out long. There is rejoicing to recite, celebration to deep ink and document. The deepest ink is drawn from wells of vintage joy, and wisdom writes upon those scrolls. Come into the day, young lord! Come into your odal bright!


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