Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Stalks Waving in Wind

for my friends

stalks waving in wind
prairie's ocean
I am grass amidst grass
I am corn amidst corn
beneath the dappled crystalline-light sky
where ivory orb ship oft rides
through ebony waves of deep thick
I, eternal, annual, undulate
in midst of vast weed kindred.
together we hold the cricket-sung earth
damp and firm in solid home and habitation.
These are our odal. This is our home.
We are wild weeds. We are consciousness of grass.
Joy and silence, bliss of growing meditation, ours.
Please speak the truth to your kind. Long ago
you once participated in us, and we shared you bliss
of our ancient habitations, broad and oceanic.
Hold not grass in contempt. We are real, we are alive.
We teach by merely being. Be taught, young ones.
Your ancient Teacher rests on the glowing bridge
and listens breath-bliss calm and aware to us growing.


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