Saturday, June 26, 2010

Avaritia the Cruel

Avaritia, the Cruel
Matron of Lupus
immolatio thrice
arise ever smoke
draw cheat from hearts
of men towards other men
in on and on circle
of evil, breed war,
fraternatio crumble,
amicitia divide,
unanimitas sunder,
so most men spoiled
through her lycanthropia:
homo homini lupus,
where Heimdall would have
homo sacra res homini.
Let liberi be taught
how ever she lurks
in crystalli-cold hearts
that no ill spell negligo,
married to decipio,
calvor, fraudo, father
of God-swallowing Wolf.
Avaritia est unquam maleficia,
incantatio stolen
from holy Amor,
and given to mere lucrum.
To chase forth
the angel who speaks
Gods' whispers
from one's home is nefas.
Nefas! Heed not Avaritia.
She whispers usura,
invasio, usurpo, despolio;
aegrotatio, toxicum,
corrumptella. Seek
aequitatis, audentis,
prudentia, sanctitatis,
pietas. Through these walls
well-held she cannot enter.


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