Tuesday, June 22, 2010

May You Hold Dominion Over All the Hearts of Men, O Love

Tell them, Mistress, the fair sway of the shimmering paths ; tell them, Lady, allure of enchantment beyond dreaming's reach ; tell them, Marvelous One, of deep draughts of trance we once shared, tasted once which, sours the world of dust and trauma, hassle and chore. Speak, O Muse of Lip's Kiss's Song, of exile, of drear once driven out from those elfin ways to walk the ways of men again, how many fade and wither, wastreled and wretched, their eyes afar and seeking bliss once tasted. Speak truths of your poisons, O Lustrous Queen, one drop thereof a toxin torment with fields of endless flowers, running, soaring, flying beyond the cage of static. You choose ecstatic those to taste these brews that once begone would leave the mind a'spinning ever after. And yet if loyal we must linger, speak in song those virile visions, that these lands at last elysian fields might find in friendship formed, thy kingdom come, O cougar-carried, petals peeled upon the pavements, for thy footsteps fertilize our lives and lands when you wouldst come. Yet honest we must earn with honor welcome for thy wondrous ways, and too few try, I tearful ponder, to pave the paths that please you so. May this standstill stumble, tumble the towers that treasono's obscure thy blessed bosom. May you hold dominion over the all the hearts of men, O Love, for you hold pieces of that chessgame golden, grass played O so long ago, each pendant strung, in sovereign power, upon that celebrated necklace silver-strung yet gleaming golden.

The line of kings has fallen, Queen ; no noble folk to court thy magic elfin handmaids. No bold souls brave to buy a kingdom for thy crafts with courage now. Earthlands lie barren, monsters hold key, land is locked out from love's great sway. Masterful Mistress, meet our prayer, bid us boon, teach us words that willful spoken ward away that sorceress whose angst and greed lie heft on humans. Free us, Freya, or help us free ourselves so we may meet thee kindly, welcome thee to walk our ways, as we would willing walk in yours. I speak true words and bidding.


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