Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Thirst of God

And in that moment last, between the jaws
within which saw he stars, and something more,
he leapt, for maw was portal then, without
the Wolf a'knowing all ; and spied the Mighty
Sage a thousand branches more extending
out from o'er the other side of tree,
the limbs a feast of fruited worlds a'hung
with swirling sway of other starry seas,
and mind agape with holy hunger then
for myst'ries more which beckon'd to him there,
he smil'd, trusting Baldur ward the world,
and gave his final leap, and robbed the Wolf
of any gain or sating ; Vidar came
and holding ope the rav'nous jaws, he slic'd,
and reached within as had been planned fore'er
to pull his Father out, but to his shock,
the gut was empty! No one there at all!
And plunging sword into the wolfen heart,
he backed away, his mind a'daze, and met
on Idavoll the other Gods who there
were gathered. There they ponder'd all the ancient
myst'ries of their Father of the All,
and Baldur, twinkling eyes alive, remarked,
"Out there," and they all nodded, knowing well
the thirst of God to know more wondrous worlds.

And when his journeys long were last complete,
the all of stars and time wrapped up within
his knowing, joyous, world-tree jolly heart,
as last without the ward of world he plighted
duty first against the awful foes and trolls,
now all cleared out, and back on track the world,
could now his fullest heart's delight go out
a'wand'ring far and wide, as he had once,
and wisdom now in fullness ripen'd, share
the all of laws that o'er great times he'd gathered.
Came he then the All of God to share
what All of Tree he'd slowly captur'd on
his missing, wonder'd journeys out afar,
and all the Gods were learned a'new, to guide
what journeys now in peace the kin of men
might slowly make o'er endless stretch of time.
He settled all the judgements, laid to rest
the ancient charges, shaped the holy settlements
where new Gods rule in light of all His glory.


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