Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Odr's Ascent

Odr, Freya's to-be-husband, having rescued her, and then, in his madness, gone on to avenge his father and battle against the Gods, now rises to surrender the sword to win the hand of Freya in wedlock. He must leap out from beyond the earth's edge, grasp Bifrost, and ascend through the heavens, up towards Asgard. There he must pass Odin's riddle-tests before he may be let through to take his love.

Arose the rose’s kiss-bestower, rampant rave of love’s sweet song, the soul, to seek his mistress, out beyond the bounds of earth’s edge. And there, ebonocean diving, rich molassan spackle of Night’s cloak, he sought in desperate swim the silent song-paths of stars. Gasp as up the roiling foam of vacuum churned, he grasped the iridescent, thousand-huéd fish-tail, glittering moon-gold’s scatter wet upon its sleekened, stellar back, and rose, as fingers clutched the argentine sands of an unseen coast or istular peninsula, and up upon his feet.

Now glide, as surf or skied the turbulent wave of rainbow’s rush, with fleet and flight feet that coast the rolling undulations. Fast, the fire’s rapids ripple : he must ride, with pluck and certain stride, and catch with agile feet the tread of the flame’s slip. And as a flag unfurling in the wind of aether, a shook and tied-died tongue of flame, he rode the outer paths of song and eerie static.

He traveled along tongues, long elongated star-filaments vibrate, through the sonar void, light’s eclipse, as salmon towards the spawnness, light beyond the blind.

Light begleaming refractate, inflected shimmer-disperse from every round rim of eyes, and refulgent crescendo, celestial splendor waxing, eyes swore all sights before were blind, for this unveiled illum’s biosis, the very species myriad of photonic genesis, and awe was a thousand vellums of words, each its own peculiar hue and shade.

And still up the stellar canyons ascend, upon the congealed granite of vacuum photoned, pulsar’s riverine melissa-speckled ladder, out against the blind-black vastness of full-cannot-be-seen and thus so empty-seemed in awesome ocean of dark overwhelm. Light might be believed in darkness, if love drew.

And so drew on the mad, bemaddened rush of spirit’s eloquence, up, impossible beyond the quasars’ homelands, rise, and pass the falling-rising rim of fortune’s wheel galactic, creamed will-o-wisp churned to spiral labyrinth, through whose mazes mazed bewildered youth toward love. For there upon the pinnacle, power’s gaze of aether’s ancient homelands, source of spirit’s winds, unfound peak and everywhere-centered centrum of awe, befulcrumed high-hinge within the all, the very heightitude of beyondment --- there, love’s elegance and festive choir dined. Atop and without, the without-within a thousand miles alone reveals, for so the here is only found in journey. There --- the highest here --- he found her, beyond the walls of riddle.

Questions peaked the quest in puzzle, hostile rebufferment of homebody’s baffle. Growling hounds on stellar guard rails, grim intimidation of maestro’s interrogatio : the test celestial of dissertatio : GOD’s enguardment of the holy places shut to monstrous marauds. There in quick and helix-ricocheted rapid of call and response question, wit against wit, the prove, the final fristing, haze of mind’s realize, in divine dictation of riddle, the Full-Swift strong passed the eloquent candidate, past, in capped-and-gown’d graduate, on towards love’s abode, where all-waiting welcome arms of adoration lip-rims ope, as sunrise’s never-ending gaze from out the gates of newest dawn elope upon forever-fields of union’s wonder.


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