Tuesday, November 02, 2010

O Wondrous Father

O one of the wide-brimmed starry hat,
O cloaked in the four corners of sky,
O baffler, O riddler, O ponderer of deepest, shrouded secrets,
O crazed intellect, high on the quest's exhilaration,
Come, O plumber of depths, come, O seeker of lore,
Come, O treasurer of the vaults of Saga,
Come and share the smallest share,
a crumb or table-scrapp'd bite
of hard-won wisdom,
for those who seek the see-through
of the all-too-solid opaque.
Glimpse-gift us, Breeze Rider,
Wit & Wish Crafter, O Ur-Thanc Lord of the deepest penetration,
Insight! All things inlight seeing ;
Let us grasp a passing flash of realest marvel,
Objective dazzle of indreamed cells & stars
that we might, so small, for an instant grasp a glance
at what Large Mind you see through, Lord,
for we are yearning seekers after sagedom, Much Wise,
& seek to touch our minds one moment, O Fully Swift, with yours,
& taste the whole spin and span of ages,
long roll of arcane symbols uberwit ponders on scrolls
a toss of lifetimes might start to fathom.
Too long locked up has been the hidden
ages-lost lore, O Lord of Asgard's Heights!
With a simple wave of the wand of your bladed shaft,
you glaze the black, and make crystal what before was solid stone,
& so may we see through, O Pulsing Rapids' Master,
for we would seek to ride that pulse,
and know this mazes world you still aft all this time do marvel yet,
& taste the Godly gain of wisdom, even at that hundredth trace diluted.
Let us your ever-seeking proteges become, O Wondrous Father.


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