Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Seeking Awe

His name is Awe
he rides eight-legged across the brachiated jewel-studded heavens
with everywhere his destination.
Oh, Awe looks over all
and all-descending, transforms a'times
into that which Awe beholds
which always in gaze of wonder seeks
the dancing creature, swaying bough, to speak
that poem of flashed, collaged moments of peak
this braided song of involute, ecstatic gasp cosmos is,
and Awe, in moment-sampling, blends with the bliss
far-and-wide branched starry boughs across the many worlds offer.
Awe is everywhere, and above,
wherever Awe chooses,
for Awe is the Father of All ;
and we, in awe, are with Awe,
and give that worship the Awe of All,
The All of Awe, demands.


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