Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What does Life want?

What does life want? Life wants to taste the sun, to drink in light and make it live a thousand forms. And sun, sun is blaze reaching out towards life’s formation ... Look upon green, and see gold : gold enfleshed in leaf, gold grasped as rain and now leaping up to return through form to source. Gaze upon meadows, and see a single stream of sun, a golden river greened, withal, around. Life is sun’s kaleidoscope, and evolution an iteration of mirrors. Through this superdriven plasma articulated thousand and million-fold, spirit ascends through out-blossoming evolution, and so the sordid soiled flesh of monsters was seeded by the Gods with uprising potential. Here Sol, here Jord, here Freyr and Odin speak their wondrous, choired galder. Life is but their song’s choreography.


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