Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Odin's Wife Bargain

And All-Father said to Blessed Earth Mother, Behold, I shall, from one of these thine creatures stretching up from roots within thee, raise up from thy Womb of Biosis, to breathe more heavenly air, such souls as will with me partake of cosmic airs, and come to kiss the sky.

Wherefore that Beloved Mother said, Yea, and even you shall, and yet these ones shall not abridge nor prejudice all these, my manifold souls whom all I call my children, for from them all I have taken oaths of frith and holdship. Swear thee therefore, that subject to my law and will as well these of yours shall always be, and whatever you would have them to do in this aldaweorce of yours, in their tutelage, they shall not breach the bounds of all my other creatures.

Lo, I shall so swear, sayeth He whose Lungs Driveth Winds of Might, and laughing, jested, I shall not of them make jotnar!

See to it you do not, her sun and moon twinkled beneath mossy veil ; for small as they may be, they still to others are larger and may yet forget their rightful place, thinking privilege to breathe the rarified air a charter to lord it over the rest.

Ah, my stubborn and wise one! exclaimed the Father of Ages. I seed not riot but wonder within them! Wonder to behold and bless your many children!

Wise to ways of yours I am, O Woden, husband mine, quoeth She who holds and tends the orb of life so swiftly spinning with spawn of living souls. When have riot not you brought, although I grant it comes with wisdom? The Earth stood smiling, full of wit.

Thunder's peal of laughter, guffawed God in greatness mirthful. Well, my wife, you know me! Let us shake upon this meeting of our minds.

I have a hand, She said, So kiss it.

And the wind upon the fields did seal the deal.


Anonymous Henry said...

With this piece I think you have tapped deeply into the fundamental Indo-European root of Father Sky and Mother Earth; or World and Earth as Heidegger put it.

We are all one, woven together by roots and branches!

10:25 PM  
Blogger SiegfriedGoodfellow said...

Well-said! We are woven together by roots and branches. Indeed, the Tree is but the Loom on which Wyrd is woven. The ancient Hierogamy must be understood and integrated, for the High must meet the Low, and give to the other its essence, so that, as the Hermeticists said, that which is Below is that which is Above, and that which is Above is that which is Below. This is indeed an authentic and fundamental Indo-European notion.

5:26 PM  

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