Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Learning to Trust

Your ability to find Hael has something to do with your ability to trust, to let go and open yourself to reserves of energy and healing around you. The world is a hard enough place it oftens hardens us, and we shrink from the resiliency that can reconnect us to life and refresh us. It's hard work sometimes to trust. But Asatru is about developing, against our developed habit of cynicism conditioned by a hard world, to trust the deeper sources of life that feed and strengthen this world from within and without. In a sense, the formal ritual, the names and classifications, and all the externalities are just props to help encourage us to find those deeper flows of feeling where we can let go and trust. Our own resistance to life and love and trust must always be reckoned in to our spirituality, our healing, and our enjoyment of life.


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