Friday, March 11, 2011

Those "Hard, Merciless" Vikings

1. várkunn (to feel woe, to feel compassion for)

2. kenna í brjósti um (to feel in the breast about/for, to feel compassion for)

3. aumka sik (to feel compassion for)

4. miskunn (to overlook, pardon, forgive, show mercy and grace)

5. eir (peace, clemency, mercy ; also please note that this is cognate with Anglo-Saxon ár, "honor", indicating the precise qualities for which one earned honor.)

Five different ways of expressing the notion of mercy, compassion, or clemency. Five. One of them is actually a heathen word for "honor", and also happens to be the name of the Goddess of Healing. Several words for the same concept in a language often indicates the importance of the concept.

Just sayin'.


Anonymous Henry said...


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Blogger SiegfriedGoodfellow said...

Indeed! Beneath the propaganda lies the soul. The juiciest plants have thorns for a reason.

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