Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Within Larger Body of Jord

Our lives are given an age within the larger body of Earth, whose roots and mighty forest-engines grapple and reclaim all structures set for but a small nesting time within the larger moss-and-jungle giant-ent body of Our Lady vining and twining the surface of Ymir's rounded bones. Her creatures come, in packs and droves, replenishing all that has barred their way, and she loves the vast wild zoo that populates her larger body and in which she takes delight. While the race of men claim their own glory, griping at the Gods for not favoring them in each and every instance at luck's roulette wheel, Earth mothers all her creatures, and glories in every kind. Kins and kindreds, tribes and flocks, are given their lot, their chance to prosper, and find their niche within Our Lady's tremendous flesh. The members come and go, but the tribe survives, its stock replenished in the cycle of ancestors and newborns, and that each kin finds room to grasp its lot is of importance to She Who Loves All Living Things, who looks askance with irritation at pesky human thoughts of dominion and imperium. In time her mother Night's mother Wyrd topples all who tower-build their power-plays to dust and crumble, whence elephants frolic, retaking the plains, and birds' branched homes reinhabit ancient battlefields and turn them green. There must be room for all, and we are but one delegate at the multi-species congress she calls to take oaths to ward and weep for Baldur. With but a word she calls the spirit-masters of every living thing to her, and they in awe, follow and take heed. Her mind extends from deepest roots and subterranean grottoes up into the skies where Earth's blue mind wind-blows round the globe in giant breaths. There in skies Earth-Matron and Wind-Master meet and mate, and share the throne of Hlidskialf warding over this great jungle-paradise called Midgard, here where every kind matters, here where the dance and shuffle of creeping, crawling, flying, buzzing, climbing, bounding beast and bug is sheer delight to She Who Lives Within and Through and Amidst Us All. Her mind and heart pulse beneath our city-mind's noise when we are silent and sit out by night. Listen and you will hear her heart's blood pulsate. Quiet and you will know the joy of Earth.


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