Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Difference

"How it all comes to good in a life," chuckled Odin benevolently, "is often a matter of much meandering through briar and bush, round thorn and through uncertain fog." There is a certain chaos to life. What matters is not that we have been perfect, but that we do eventually find our way onto the path of good. That path where our good yields good. It's a rough and tumble galaxy. Only a fool uses that as an excuse, but only the forgetful neglect its truth. The Gods know we are scrambling through thorns in the dark to find that golden-gleam road that lights the way our angel whispers, while tempters call intriguing bait along the sides of the path. How easy it is to be ensnared in illusion ; how easy it is to lose much life enveloped in empty enticers. In peril we do not appreciate we give too much to jackals who easily eat yet give wound for worth. There are howls in the night. But the Gods have set lights in the sky, guardians over the provinces, who if we will visit, may yield up precious nuggets of wisdom, even luck if we are virtuous. So find that path of good. It will make a difference.


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