Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Welcome, Beloved Lady of Love's Longing Light

Our Lady of Blossoms,
She Who Rides Lynxes On Starry Paths,
Mistress Adorned with the Sun's Sparkling Pendants,
Enchantress of the Spirit's Spells,
Lady of Love's Longing Light,
Sacred Sultress of Serenades,
Selkie-Seeker, Seal-Lover,
Beast's Beauty, Bosom's Fullness,
Dear to the Dwarves in the Deep,
Maiden of Moonlit Rondelays,
Friend of Fertile Fairies,
She who Showers Blessings on Nuptials,
Wondrous Worker of Women's Secrets,
Sailor through the Silent Night's Seas,
Earth and Ocean's Only Daughter,
Holy Warder of Hormone's Heat,
Regal Ripener of Roses and Kisses,
Welcome Witch of Love's Wisdom,
Come, Maiden of Melons' Succulence,
Come, Rose-Water Gasping and Gushing Out Petals,
Come, She Who All Wights Wish and Want,
We welcome thee, we welcome thee, we welcome thee.
We welcome thee, we welcome thee, we welcome thee.


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