Monday, October 19, 2009

Out At Sea (Freya & Svipdag)

Out at sea, pounding waves with fists on the surf, she wept and wailed, feeling forsaken, and had, in all her searching, not found him yet. Whence, some lion of the sea, brown and flippered, with long, tawny tusks, surfaced and nuzzled her, seeking to give comfort. Holding on in the deep, despairing of ever finding, water from waves logged and sloshing from her breath-seeking lips, she grasped the dark creature holding on for dear life, whilst wondering at her own fate, tossed at sea, unable to feel the full weight of her mother earth's supports, thrown into the tempest of her father's briny washes. This playful beast seemed to favor her, full of bright eyes that held hidden joys beneath their surface sadness. Bittersweet the briny beauty's laughter at thoughts of what sadness a beast of the billows might carry compared to hers and the long exile of her love. Yet eyes familiar-seeming seemed to stare back at her in unfamiliar form, as if in this flesh-bound fish-of-the-waves she saw her own soulmate's eyes from long ago. Embrace bursting with brazen tears, she amber gifted the billows with her own eye's tides, and grasping, lay head on welcome flesh, letting tides tow the way back to shores of sand and rocky salt, arms spurning not this oddly timed rescue.


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